Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Dignity Simplified

We spend most of our time on big things we think important, however, some little things we tend to overlook are not just important but the only important things. Those things we often ignore have now caught up with our moral and value system. Typical examples are not far-fetched. Just look around and see what our individual negligence has caused.

An individual with a good sense of value will definitely make a great society. Therefore, making a great society basically is with individual stakeholder. Values we doggedly uphold will eventually build up our society in the future... good or bad! Deep in your heart, you know what you uphold and down the street, you can see the realization.

Where did we dump our value sense? Should we just nod our heads in regret? What next? My approach will be quite simple and down-to-earth. Don’t repeat the same mistake you made, never overlook anything here. Get a life!