Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Journey of Greatness—Not About How Serious But About How Focused

I have come to realize in life that greatness is not based on how hard you chase rather, it is based on how well you chase. I have actually seen how folks have made greatness so hard on themselves, perhaps to get people’s attention or praises. You see these set of people pacing up and down, always looking downwards- intending to show-off their seriousness. And unfortunately, most of them have only succeeded in working round the clock just to get bad results. I always say they work themselves at something for nothing (bad outcomes are still something anyway!).

This has made me conclude that good results are not about your seriousness but they are about your focus. If an athlete desires to win a marathon race but restricted himself to practicing one hundred metres race; do we say he is unserious? No, he isn’t. I think he has only lost focus. He refused to realize he had to prepare for a marathon race, instead, he was seriously preparing for hundred metre race. Permit me therefore, to state clearly that anything done seriously without focus can never be worthwhile.

Believe me, you don’t need to speed up to your destination, you only need to set it in sight. Setting it in sight is putting your mind on it and making yourself work towards it. Position yourself wherever you can have the best view of your desired future. Anything that will take you off position will definitely take you out of focus.

Here are some tips to maintain focus:

· Have a Destination

As you can’t focus on nothing, the first and most important thing is for you to have a destination. The earlier you set a goal for yourself concerning an aspect of your life- academics, relationship, finances- the better you move. Any good destination must have an address and a road leading to it. Also, it must be time-bound and friendly- doesn’t think of the downfall of others.

· Find the Path that Leads to Your Destination

I used ‘find’ because I don’t intend deceiving you that you will get the path easily. Definitely, you have people that have achieved what you want to achieve. Get this people to lead you. This will magically launch you into your greatness as you will just follow the footprints of your guide.

· Determine the cost of the path

Every road definitely has a cost. A previous knowledge of this will afford you an excellent preparation. Get to know the price and be willing to pay it.

· Get on the path

Interestingly, you can start the journey of greatness any time, even in the darkest night. I charge you not to wait for anyone, as the path is so narrow that it can’t take two people together. Set off right away, you have gotten everything it takes. The earlier the better. On this note I say, on your track, get set, go!