Saturday, August 22, 2009

Lessons From Gulder Ultimate Search VI

This adventurous event began back in 2004 in the Snake Island in Lagos State, Nigeria. The suspense-filled event aired in most television stations in Nigeria has indeed lived up to its expectations with the numerous benefits it throws at youths yearly. Apart from increasing the chances of youths’ survival in this harsh condition, its generosity has also stirred up and rewarded core values in youths.

The educative cum recreational event lighted up our screens again this year rewarding the well-directed patience, desperation, focus and persistence of Uche Nwaezeapu and crowning him as the ultimate man. A great feat thousand youths literally fought for. There will always be a winner anyway and I know you will quite agree with me that Uche deserved it. It was impressive hearing that he has been on the trail of GUS since 2006. Definitely, this achievement was what he foresaw. Little wonder, he patiently persisted till he made it to the first ten contestants. One doesn’t need anyone to convince him/her that a strong desire would have been responsible for his unrelenting effort for four years. Possibly, the desire for affluence and fame. Any critical thinker will so much salute his wisely-chanelled desire, focus and patience.

Unlike most youths nowadays that as well have strong desires for affluence and fame, but thought wrongly that patience will never pay them off. They are so much engrossed in the rat chase for wealth that they are always on the lookout for the fastest means. This desperate people can do anything, even undignifying things for wealth. They care no hoot about whose ox is gored. Regrettably, they have directed their focus and persistence on the wrong track- short cuts.

Indisputably, one could be tempted to cut corners due to the prevailing unfavourable circumstances, however, I always believe that the thought of nemesis catching up should always deter anyone with the right foresight. I don’t seem to see reasons why any logical human being would want to lay up cursed treasures for his/her unborn generations. Is it that we no longer care about how we get our wealth and fame? A deep thought of the future and posterity will convince any sane individual that frauds, malpractices and immoralities will never pay off, even though it does presently. There’s nothing as prestigious as the dignity of being successful by doing the right thing. Friends that is what is called good success.

It’s possible I have been so much like the proverbial blacksmith who beats a hot iron at a point, may be because I believe nothing changes if we don’t. No one will decide our future on our behalf, we do it ourselves. Why then don’t we just choose the path of dignity and give way for progress. Enough of halting our developmental strides on the philosophical ground of ‘man must survive’. Let this do-or-die money and fame affair give way for some sanity. Patiently and tirelessly hang on to your desires being focused and persistent with godliness and integrity as your watchword. I promise one day, the difficult times will give way for an unspeakable achievement. There and then, history will smile at you because you have kept the noble course. Just like Uche Nwaezeapu- the Ultimate man’s case!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Power of Choice

Recently, I got to realize that most people have lived their lives in obscurity just because of their wrong beliefs. These people are bent on telling anyone who cares to know that their failures are attributed to the fact that they had no choices. They have tiredly given up to their so-called fates, willing to embrace anything thrown their ways. These people have only succeeded in personifying the common adage- a beggar has no choice. What a pity!

Indisputably, divinity has always deprived humans the ability to make choices at some stages of life. I am sure no one had the choice of when (s)he would be born or to what family (s)he would be born. We all never experienced this luxury. Should we therefore conclude that this inability is an indicator of an unfair treatment on earth? One might just be faced with no other choice other than accepting that humans have also been deprived the privilege of choosing their destinies on earth.

However, the fact that- as much as you never bargained for it- you found yourself in a very low, detestable background doesn’t imply that your destiny has been sealed up to be low in life. I will never hide from you this truth- it takes the choice of any individual to become anything in life… good or bad! I am sure you would have heard of several stories of people moving from grass to grace. Friends, this never happened just like that. Without mincing words, I boldly tell you that these people achieved their great feats because they adequately discovered their power of choice.

Probably, I have to remind you about the biblical lame man at the beautiful gate. This man realized he wasn’t chanced to choosing his background state, but was thoughtful enough to choosing a right position. He wisely chose staying at the entrance of the beautiful gate rather than on the highway. Little wonder his destiny changed when least expected- he was healed right at his position. This is a demonstration of the power of choice- the wisdom to focus on your position and not your condition, knowing that nothing can alter your background but a lot can affect your destination.

Certainly, we all crave for a better nation, but I doubt if we are ready to pay the price; because I strongly believe that nothing changes nationally if individuals are not ready to change. I see the power of choice compelling youths to rightly position themselves by wisely choosing their friends and mentors. I plead with all youths to strategically positioning themselves to walking, sitting, and talking with the right people. This will go a long way to helping us keep the right consciences. Permit me to end with the words of Robert Kiyosaki,. ‘the person you spend most of your time with is your future.’

Monday, August 10, 2009

Taking the Lead: Nigeria Awaits Your Actions

I will say there’s no amount of pruning or attention that can make a grape tree produce similar fruits like an orange tree. It’s just like saying a house is about collapsing and repainting is being ventured on. Let me crack the nut myself. It’s not quite impossible you have heard of various governmental and organizational outfits trying to promote the image of this country. They tell the world outside how great our country is and how patriotic Nigerians are. Don’t be mistaken, I have never been a critic of rebranding Nigeria- we all know it is a needed process. However, why do they spend fortunes on painting the outer core white while the inner core is left untouched- black.

Several anomalies are boldly written on the pages of the history book of this country, but we seem not bothered. Right thinking, moral values, good characters have been utterly choked up by the prevailing inhumane and unjust practices. Now, see how these have hazardously left Nigerians’ consciences confused. Do you blame us? We have never experienced things done rightly! Shouldn’t our leaders just own up and admit we have to re-divert resources to solve our ‘in-house problem’? Rather, they think is wiser to be more loyal to our past and present than our future.

Do we then have a hope in this country? Check out the kind of youths, the so-called future leaders we produce. Those who no longer believe in moral standards, core values, dignity of labour, honour of virginity and the efficacy of right education... when they haven’t experienced them. Their feet have been daily set on the path of indignity and incompetence through what they behold around. What a great problem!

I therefore make bold to call on all Nigerian youths- the young at heart and depressed in spirit- to consciously rise up to the task. Let’s make it strict on ourselves to disallow any corrupt conscience. We shouldn’t join the band wagon! Let’s keep the right conscience and be brave enough to taking the lead. We now have the honour to lifting the banner for right thinking, moral standards, core values and excellence. Just like Barack Obama said, ‘every generation has the obligation to work on behalf of the next generation and make life better for them.’ Our children shall never forgive us if we fail them by not making Nigeria a better place for them. I see a bright future provided we are ready to take the bull by the horn by taking the lead for positive changes wherever we find ourselves. The future awaits our actions.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Taking the Lead - - My Dream Nigeria

It isn’t impossible most Nigerians think there is no more any hopeful thing to hold on to in this country. As a result of the daily degeneration and decadence we suffer, I wouldn’t blame anyone who wonders how on earth Nigeria will be tagged a developed country one day. Little wonder everyone is checking out at the slightest opportunity gotten- even at gesture of slavery.

Quite a lot of complaints are hewn and blames shifted. It seems almost everyone has her mind piled up with reservations. But, I refuse to be part. I decided to do something unique with my mind. I just tried my outstanding fortune-telling skill. I gazed into our seemingly non-existing future. What a beauty to behold! A destiny to unfold- my dream Nigeria!

A home of justice and equity; where citizens’ voices count and where judgment is not perverted. Democracy is made black and white on the daily pages of governance. No sacred cows! Even, logging jams in electoral systems are no more- free and fair elections are no longer theoretical but practical. No premonitions of declaring electoral results under duress. And where electoral commissioners have become sensible enough not to be influenced by the ruling party.

Conscience-filled and not corruption-filled leaders- patriots with core values and enviable moral standings. Dignity and integrity are not lacking in their daily governance. Conveners of ‘intellectually inclined’ campaign system. Icons of impeccable leadership and managerial competence. Not drop-outs or ‘criminal record’ fellows.

I see world-class health care services affordable to all. People no longer stream to the world beyond due to health workers’ strike. Fake drugs and injections are kept at minimal level. Hurray, lives are now precious to our people!

High educational standards with qualified personnel as overseers. No more abuse of primary and secondary schools’ students. Higher institutions’ schemes of work are now practical-based and research-filled. I can’t see the usual one thousand students in a lecture hall or the normal two hundred students to one small practical table. I see an improved quality of education with employable students graduating each year. I t seems the government are now really concerned about education that the annual budget has immensely increased.

A country where dignity of labour is held in high esteem and bad job attitudes swept to the back stage. No more cutting corners and liable workers are employed on merit grounds. Employers are no longer the so-called exploiters. Team work and individual respects now take the lead.

I can behold a better standard of living for all Nigerians. Generators are so useless. Burglary proofs and car trackers are so worthless as no one is so idle to constitute security threats. No hiking fuel prices and exchange rates. More industries spring forth with more employment opportunities. I see a stable economy. Checked-out countrymen now see reasons to return. The most desirable nation in the world- my dream Nigeria.