Monday, August 10, 2009

Taking the Lead: Nigeria Awaits Your Actions

I will say there’s no amount of pruning or attention that can make a grape tree produce similar fruits like an orange tree. It’s just like saying a house is about collapsing and repainting is being ventured on. Let me crack the nut myself. It’s not quite impossible you have heard of various governmental and organizational outfits trying to promote the image of this country. They tell the world outside how great our country is and how patriotic Nigerians are. Don’t be mistaken, I have never been a critic of rebranding Nigeria- we all know it is a needed process. However, why do they spend fortunes on painting the outer core white while the inner core is left untouched- black.

Several anomalies are boldly written on the pages of the history book of this country, but we seem not bothered. Right thinking, moral values, good characters have been utterly choked up by the prevailing inhumane and unjust practices. Now, see how these have hazardously left Nigerians’ consciences confused. Do you blame us? We have never experienced things done rightly! Shouldn’t our leaders just own up and admit we have to re-divert resources to solve our ‘in-house problem’? Rather, they think is wiser to be more loyal to our past and present than our future.

Do we then have a hope in this country? Check out the kind of youths, the so-called future leaders we produce. Those who no longer believe in moral standards, core values, dignity of labour, honour of virginity and the efficacy of right education... when they haven’t experienced them. Their feet have been daily set on the path of indignity and incompetence through what they behold around. What a great problem!

I therefore make bold to call on all Nigerian youths- the young at heart and depressed in spirit- to consciously rise up to the task. Let’s make it strict on ourselves to disallow any corrupt conscience. We shouldn’t join the band wagon! Let’s keep the right conscience and be brave enough to taking the lead. We now have the honour to lifting the banner for right thinking, moral standards, core values and excellence. Just like Barack Obama said, ‘every generation has the obligation to work on behalf of the next generation and make life better for them.’ Our children shall never forgive us if we fail them by not making Nigeria a better place for them. I see a bright future provided we are ready to take the bull by the horn by taking the lead for positive changes wherever we find ourselves. The future awaits our actions.

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