Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Power of Choice

Recently, I got to realize that most people have lived their lives in obscurity just because of their wrong beliefs. These people are bent on telling anyone who cares to know that their failures are attributed to the fact that they had no choices. They have tiredly given up to their so-called fates, willing to embrace anything thrown their ways. These people have only succeeded in personifying the common adage- a beggar has no choice. What a pity!

Indisputably, divinity has always deprived humans the ability to make choices at some stages of life. I am sure no one had the choice of when (s)he would be born or to what family (s)he would be born. We all never experienced this luxury. Should we therefore conclude that this inability is an indicator of an unfair treatment on earth? One might just be faced with no other choice other than accepting that humans have also been deprived the privilege of choosing their destinies on earth.

However, the fact that- as much as you never bargained for it- you found yourself in a very low, detestable background doesn’t imply that your destiny has been sealed up to be low in life. I will never hide from you this truth- it takes the choice of any individual to become anything in life… good or bad! I am sure you would have heard of several stories of people moving from grass to grace. Friends, this never happened just like that. Without mincing words, I boldly tell you that these people achieved their great feats because they adequately discovered their power of choice.

Probably, I have to remind you about the biblical lame man at the beautiful gate. This man realized he wasn’t chanced to choosing his background state, but was thoughtful enough to choosing a right position. He wisely chose staying at the entrance of the beautiful gate rather than on the highway. Little wonder his destiny changed when least expected- he was healed right at his position. This is a demonstration of the power of choice- the wisdom to focus on your position and not your condition, knowing that nothing can alter your background but a lot can affect your destination.

Certainly, we all crave for a better nation, but I doubt if we are ready to pay the price; because I strongly believe that nothing changes nationally if individuals are not ready to change. I see the power of choice compelling youths to rightly position themselves by wisely choosing their friends and mentors. I plead with all youths to strategically positioning themselves to walking, sitting, and talking with the right people. This will go a long way to helping us keep the right consciences. Permit me to end with the words of Robert Kiyosaki,. ‘the person you spend most of your time with is your future.’


  1. WOW!! These posts are amazing, I am so thrilled to have found your blog.

    Keep 'em coming!!

    Well worth the read!!

    I have always believed in the power of choice, but this is a very difficult argument to argue with someone who might be in a 'poorer' state than myself. There is always the excuse of me being unable to understand everything they have to deal with living their life. They assume that I am where I am because of my parents, and yes, I do not dispute that my parents' hard work has given me a leverage, however it is so so so important that we understand that when the leverage is gone, I must proceed on the same journey. It might not be the same distance for everyone, but it is the same direction. Similar trials, similar tribulations :)

    If you listen to anyone tell their success story, they will always capitalize on their faith and perseverance, we as humans and more specifically, Nigerians should never take these two things for granted.

  2. Feral same thing goes for me. Some people actually think that my parents entirely made me up; so they readily are unwillingly to accept any advice on self development I give them. It seemed they never gave it a thought that my parents never went to school with me and definitely never wrote exams for me. Some have just decided never to move up off their boundaries. Feral I need you to believe that Nigeria awaits people like us. Thank you.