Saturday, August 1, 2009

Taking the Lead - - My Dream Nigeria

It isn’t impossible most Nigerians think there is no more any hopeful thing to hold on to in this country. As a result of the daily degeneration and decadence we suffer, I wouldn’t blame anyone who wonders how on earth Nigeria will be tagged a developed country one day. Little wonder everyone is checking out at the slightest opportunity gotten- even at gesture of slavery.

Quite a lot of complaints are hewn and blames shifted. It seems almost everyone has her mind piled up with reservations. But, I refuse to be part. I decided to do something unique with my mind. I just tried my outstanding fortune-telling skill. I gazed into our seemingly non-existing future. What a beauty to behold! A destiny to unfold- my dream Nigeria!

A home of justice and equity; where citizens’ voices count and where judgment is not perverted. Democracy is made black and white on the daily pages of governance. No sacred cows! Even, logging jams in electoral systems are no more- free and fair elections are no longer theoretical but practical. No premonitions of declaring electoral results under duress. And where electoral commissioners have become sensible enough not to be influenced by the ruling party.

Conscience-filled and not corruption-filled leaders- patriots with core values and enviable moral standings. Dignity and integrity are not lacking in their daily governance. Conveners of ‘intellectually inclined’ campaign system. Icons of impeccable leadership and managerial competence. Not drop-outs or ‘criminal record’ fellows.

I see world-class health care services affordable to all. People no longer stream to the world beyond due to health workers’ strike. Fake drugs and injections are kept at minimal level. Hurray, lives are now precious to our people!

High educational standards with qualified personnel as overseers. No more abuse of primary and secondary schools’ students. Higher institutions’ schemes of work are now practical-based and research-filled. I can’t see the usual one thousand students in a lecture hall or the normal two hundred students to one small practical table. I see an improved quality of education with employable students graduating each year. I t seems the government are now really concerned about education that the annual budget has immensely increased.

A country where dignity of labour is held in high esteem and bad job attitudes swept to the back stage. No more cutting corners and liable workers are employed on merit grounds. Employers are no longer the so-called exploiters. Team work and individual respects now take the lead.

I can behold a better standard of living for all Nigerians. Generators are so useless. Burglary proofs and car trackers are so worthless as no one is so idle to constitute security threats. No hiking fuel prices and exchange rates. More industries spring forth with more employment opportunities. I see a stable economy. Checked-out countrymen now see reasons to return. The most desirable nation in the world- my dream Nigeria.

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