Saturday, July 25, 2009

Taking the Lead-- The Present Situation

Shepherds have left their primary duty and the sheep are left at the mercies of the wolves. Watchers are no more on guard, little wonder why souls are captured and treasures plundered. Our supposed overseers now deceive us to extort our money and dispossess us of our hard-earned possessions. I used to think they should be much more concerned with our welfare until I was proved wrong. The citadel of excellence has now turned the abode of poor organization and bad managerial practices. The hallmark of right thinking now the home of mankind abuse and unhealthy human inter-relationship. What a church!

... where is our sense of worth?

When big, mature men in their fifties or sixties clump up fists facing each other as though they were in a boxing ring or even lift up chairs against each other... what do we call this? I know you would have surely heard of the menace of our legislators turned boxers or hooligans. Also, as someone said, what you need to become an accepted politician in our country is a deceit prowess... how true is this? What would you even say when it’s the gubernatorial aspirant that is hanging to a bus shouting; what most uneducated, deranged bus conductors now know it is not ideal? I would suggest it‘s going to be backward having someone like this win the election...and definitely, it has been.

... where is our sense of importance?

It is not surprising we now have some other grading standards apart from students’ academic ability. Don’t be amazed lecturers now grade based on how much money you can offer or well you can sell your body. Those are our so-called pacesetters. What a path to follow! Principals and teachers in secondary and primary schools turn the institutions into money-making ventures, classrooms to sales outlets and students to unpaid workers. Blatant abuse! Examination malpractices are now the order of the day. We encouraged it, anyway!

... where is our sense of value?

Our children and youth now behave as if there were no more families in the country. I wonder what morals we teach in our homes. Anyway, we can’t give want we don’t have. We have failed to realize that the family has the primary influence on any child. Kathy (n.d) wrote in his work that the link between our beginning and a guide to our future is the family bond. Early influences are fundamental to our individual development. When we lack the security and influence of strong family bond early in life, there’s emptiness and we sought to be filled through destructive means. The dysfunctional unit becomes the normal due to its repeated cycle through generations and long term effects on children. Any society you find yourself is just a true reflection of the families around. ‘Area boys’ came from families also.

... where is our sense of morals?

Who then provides solution to the decadence problem in our society, since we are all doing the contrary? Everything seems crumbled. We have all lost our navigation. What should we do?

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