Saturday, August 22, 2009

Lessons From Gulder Ultimate Search VI

This adventurous event began back in 2004 in the Snake Island in Lagos State, Nigeria. The suspense-filled event aired in most television stations in Nigeria has indeed lived up to its expectations with the numerous benefits it throws at youths yearly. Apart from increasing the chances of youths’ survival in this harsh condition, its generosity has also stirred up and rewarded core values in youths.

The educative cum recreational event lighted up our screens again this year rewarding the well-directed patience, desperation, focus and persistence of Uche Nwaezeapu and crowning him as the ultimate man. A great feat thousand youths literally fought for. There will always be a winner anyway and I know you will quite agree with me that Uche deserved it. It was impressive hearing that he has been on the trail of GUS since 2006. Definitely, this achievement was what he foresaw. Little wonder, he patiently persisted till he made it to the first ten contestants. One doesn’t need anyone to convince him/her that a strong desire would have been responsible for his unrelenting effort for four years. Possibly, the desire for affluence and fame. Any critical thinker will so much salute his wisely-chanelled desire, focus and patience.

Unlike most youths nowadays that as well have strong desires for affluence and fame, but thought wrongly that patience will never pay them off. They are so much engrossed in the rat chase for wealth that they are always on the lookout for the fastest means. This desperate people can do anything, even undignifying things for wealth. They care no hoot about whose ox is gored. Regrettably, they have directed their focus and persistence on the wrong track- short cuts.

Indisputably, one could be tempted to cut corners due to the prevailing unfavourable circumstances, however, I always believe that the thought of nemesis catching up should always deter anyone with the right foresight. I don’t seem to see reasons why any logical human being would want to lay up cursed treasures for his/her unborn generations. Is it that we no longer care about how we get our wealth and fame? A deep thought of the future and posterity will convince any sane individual that frauds, malpractices and immoralities will never pay off, even though it does presently. There’s nothing as prestigious as the dignity of being successful by doing the right thing. Friends that is what is called good success.

It’s possible I have been so much like the proverbial blacksmith who beats a hot iron at a point, may be because I believe nothing changes if we don’t. No one will decide our future on our behalf, we do it ourselves. Why then don’t we just choose the path of dignity and give way for progress. Enough of halting our developmental strides on the philosophical ground of ‘man must survive’. Let this do-or-die money and fame affair give way for some sanity. Patiently and tirelessly hang on to your desires being focused and persistent with godliness and integrity as your watchword. I promise one day, the difficult times will give way for an unspeakable achievement. There and then, history will smile at you because you have kept the noble course. Just like Uche Nwaezeapu- the Ultimate man’s case!

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