Thursday, September 10, 2009


If I say I knew what the world is turning into, I am probably one of the greatest liars in the world. What should be unheard of in any decent community has now become the order of the day. Do we then say it was the prevailing struggling and adversity that introduced all these? Or do we still blame the economic meltdown that has been in long existence in our country and have crippled the mind power of many, turning optimists to pessimists and saints to sinners?

Truthfully, the thoughts of poverty and languish have actually forced most people to do what they wouldn’t have done in the right circumstance. Folks have really been taught how to chase money at all cost- by hook or crook. They no longer care about their reputations or names, thinking they are useless without money. Regrettably, some have settled for money rituals while some for other avenues.

The innovations they couldn’t apply to their initial businesses or works are what they unanimously focused on this inhumane money-making practice. Should they have applied it, I am sure they wouldn’t have thought of alternative means. They have succeeded in informing members of the public that there are ages (i.e stages) to this practice. They flaunt to us how they have left the stone or iron age and stepped up their operations. I am sure you readers are not left out in the gist of beggars disappearing with their ‘good Samaritans’- paying good for evil. What a wicked innovation, you may say!

Definitely, you would have understood what I meant by ‘richcraft’. It, simply, is the ways of making money. Oh, sorry, there was an omission! It should be the cunning and wicked ways of making money, even if it demands one’s mum’s head (no offense intended). You will very well agree with me this craft has really been striving well in our country and even competing with other sectors in the areas of ideas, employment, profit margin and customer service to the members of the public- there proposed customer, since it has even gotten the support of our economy.

Sincerely, I adequately understand that some of us would do nothing to get close to this disgusting thing. However, do we try claiming our hands are clean? Perhaps I need to start counting some of your possessions you never got legitimately. Some you got from internet scanning, thefts and other atrocities. May be I have to remind you how you inflated figures, diverted funds for your personal needs in your places of work. Of course, I will never want to mention when you sent robbers and assassins after a business partner just because of money.

What I am doing well to drive home is that should we now go any length to get wealthy? We are all aware of the harshness in our economy, but, I make bold to tell you it’s not an excuse for leaving the authentic and focusing on an alternative, even at the expense of people’s lives. What do you say is the significance of patience if we tend to throw in the towel easily? We gave up chasing our dreams and we retire tirelessly to chasing the heads of others. Where did we drop our consciences? Beware; the natural law of seed and harvest time has never been negated.

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