Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Love Of Women

Just imagine, most people think Dayo is not a Casanova because he has got no gut to approach ladies. Even his so-called friends disappointingly share the same belief. One of them was one day forced to ask him why he decided to travel on the less-taken route. He said, ‘Dayo, I don’t just know why you refuse to enjoy yourself with all these ladies flirting around you, even at their offers. You have the looks and even the cash.’ But, should all good-looking and rich guys be womanizers? Dayo wouldn’t just know.

Frankly, he knows he has everything it takes to date as many ladies that come his way. However, why has he chosen to disappoint his friends by not yielding to ladies’ beckon? Should it be because he is afraid of sexually transmitted diseases? I don’t think so. Guys have really wisen up, most of them now go scot- free without any disease. May be then it’s because he is too busy for this kind of game? Obviously no! I believe in the philosophy that says whatever a man loves doing, he is definitely going to create time for it. I think I should just conclude that he has gotten no flare for such games. He doesn’t just love it.

I also strongly go with Dayo’s opinion.

I can’t actually feel the joy in dating more than a lady. I have, for a long time, been compelling myself to understanding why guys do it, but all to no avail. Please, do you see any sanity in living one’s life on deceit? I am yet to discover how someone would double or multiple ‘date’ without having lies synonymous to one’s saliva.

Even if someone can play well without each lady being aware of any rival, can that person also play smartly to escape the guilt of causing heartbreaks? Do you ask me how I would cause heartbreaks? For heaven’s sake, I have no plans to settle for polygamy. Definitely, I will one day be very much necessitated to get married to only a lady. Do I then choose from my parade of ladies or would you rather advice me to choose outside? Either way, heartbreaks are imminent.

Someone even once suggested that my failure to play around would result in my inability to choose the best lady. Whao! I never knew ladies have become some marketable commodities: pick one and drop, until you pick the best. That sounded much like sampling, didn’t it? I shamefully gave in to the suggestion and I accepted I was the loser. However, the thought that even though I don’t know the best, I have someone (God) who knows the best and is ready to give me the best if I patiently wait made me feel like a winner. It can be akin to the proverbial patient dog that eats the fattest bone.

The natural law of seed and harvest time has never been negated. In fact, it was reiterated as whatever goes around comes around. How can a guy think he can traumatize the lives of many ladies and get away with it? If nature doesn’t catch up with you, I bet you, your posterity will bear the consequences of your misdeeds.

Believe me friends; there is nothing as excellent as leading a simple life. I don’t see any lasting gains in making one’s life complicated with women. One just has to be disciplined and cautious with the love of women.


  1. Hi Dayo,
    Wonderful blog post. I know a few guys like you, however most good looking guys give in, if not by choice then by peer pressure, thinking that they are 'wasting' themselves if they don't play the game, yet I thought it was men who got better looking as they aged?? :)

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for your comment. You just reaffirmed my belief that there are still people of value out there. With our joint effort our society can be great again. Draw someone up out there. You are highly valued.

  3. hey,, really good to kno we have people around us who can think same as we do...loved yyour writing.. it was deep and thoughtful...

    stay blessed!!!:)